2019 Important investment in new trucks DAF XF 450FT, engine Euronorm 6 

  • XF 450 FT

Fleet Spain

Especially for Spain: Truck  engine euronorm 6 with third wheel, which allows us to load up to 28 tonnes/44 tonnes in total

  • Truck Spain

Trailer with mounted forklift

Trailer equipped with a truck mounted forklift, capacity up to 3,5T and 4 way capability, to deliver your
goods to the exact spot you desire even in rough terrain.

30 feet swap body with coil bin

Full equipped coil trailers for safe intermodal transport.
Maximum load 28 tonnes

45 feet swap body

Large fleet swap bodies 45 feet, loading capacity up to 28 tonnes.

Unloading possibilities  at both sides, from top and backside.

Crossbar at disposal for loads with bigbags and octabins.

45 feet highcub container

Highcub containers, free entrance up to 2,65m and 2,47m width.

Load capacity up to 28,8 tonnes.